ESG at Anvideas: our commitment to a sustainable future

Commitment to sustainability and ESG principles


As a quality DMC, Anvideas integrates the essence of Italy’s rich heritage with a forward-thinking approach to sustainability. Since our inception in 2002, we have not only created high-end MICE experiences, but have also focused ( aimed ) to manage social, economic, and environmental impacts responsibly.

As per Paris Agreement Agenda 2030,  our ESG strategy, with the engagement of our stakeholders,  focuses on 3 macro areas:

  • Social wellbeing
  • Financial development and equity
  • Environmental impact

ISO 20121 Certification - our journey to sustainability


Anvideas is proud to align with the ISO 20121 international standard. This certification marks our journey towards continuous improvement and strengthens our relationship with stakeholders, ensuring our events not only inspire, but also lead by example in sustainable practice. 

Our holistic approach to ESG


Our holistic ESG strategy involve the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our event planning and execution. We do pledge to safeguard our planet for the enjoyment and prosperity of future generations, ensuring the enchantment of Italy’s destinations remains timeless.

Governance for sustainability


We do commit to identify, manage, and transparently communicate the impacts of our event organization. Our ‘Sustainable Development Policy” reconfirm our mission to evolve sustainably.

A Formal commitment to sustainable development


In our “Sustainable Development Policy”, we formalize our engagement to:

  • check constantly the sustainable governance of our operations.
  • employ SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable,Relevant, Timely) indicators for quality and performance evaluation.
  • foster stakeholder relationships that underscore their pivotal role in our sustainable journey.
  • meet the requirements of continous improvement stated by sustainable governance.


Partner with Anvideas for your next MICE event in Italy, and embrace the power of sustainability while experiencing our unparalleled blend of professional networking and full-service event management. 

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